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Posted by Denise Thayer on 04/19/2017

Schmidt has added performance upgrades to their Industry Leading line of Portable Blast Equipment.  The MV3 offers the proven productivity and safety advantages that Schmidt valves deliver to abrasive blasting operations through the precise metering of abrasive, along with an extended the service life, an improved clean out port, and easy access to wear components for safe, efficient maintenance. The Schmidt SureFit™ handway gasket simplifies installation of the handway. It eliminates loose gaskets that are difficult to keep properly aligned, make installation difficult and cause leaks. The SureFit gasket snaps easily onto the handway cover to ensure proper alignment and maximize a proper seal. The Schmidt VBS II™ is the latest technology for suppressing the intensity of the air/energy during vessel depressurization of abrasive blasting systems. It is the only system specifically designed to safely reduce the noise levels and abrasive particle velocity (speeds) which occur during vessel blowdown.

Schmidt MV3 Schmidt SureFit Schmidt VBSII 

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